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The Power

of Vacuum

with our patented vacuum cooling technology, we set the standards for the production of the food and beverage industry of
We offer:
  • Perspective
  • More efficiency
  • Less CO₂
  • Less waste
  • More performance
  • Next level quality
Advantages of the hybrid baking technique
Hybrid baking plus vacuum cooling is real vacuum baking
Faster baking:

Greater flexibility and better baking results.

Very suitable for white baking with the interrupted baking method of VaC Technology: 

With hybrid baking technology,  outside and inside can be baked at the same speed, similar to cooling with a vacuum. This allows baked goods to be finished on the inside even though they are still white on the outside.

These baked goods can then be finished very quickly in the in-store oven, as heat only needs to be applied to the outside for browning; this is possible at a high temperature and correspondingly short baking time.

Interaction of hybrid oven and vacuum cooling

A very good match in terms of baking technology, as both systems shorten the baking time, increase flexibility and support white baking.

The design and handling with the look and feel of the hybrid oven and vacuum chamber fit together very well and support the optimum overall package (cabinets with sliding doors). Both systems are optimally prepared for automation thanks to the automatic doors. Obvious, simple expansion with proofing cabinets is possible, as these  have a similar structure.

These baked goods can then be baked very quickly in the in-store oven, as heat only needs to be added to the outside for browning; this is possible at a high temperature and correspondingly short baking time.

Patented process

The Enabler

The result
for the baking world

The result for all of us:
The expert opinion:

“Eddy Sprenger was able to find a solution to the problem with the pumps years ago. However, he did not just look for a solution to this detail but considered vacuum cooling technology as a holistic innovation. With his third-generation systems, which technologically enable the optimal cooling of a wider range of bakery products, the economically absolutely necessary use of vacuum technology in the bakery industry will be successful.

Thanks to the years of experience concentrated in the VaC-Technologie team and Eddy Sprenger, it will be possible to bring this real and absolutely necessary innovation to bakeries in order to lead this industry to new successes in difficult economic times.”

Prof. Dr. habil

Walter Freund
Institute of Food Science and Ecotrophology at Leibniz Universität Hannover
The VaC-Technology solutions

Vacuum-Cooling Small and medium size bakeries

(Small series production)

Vacuum cooling bakery industry

(mass production)


& climate-friendly production processes


Bakery and food containers
Modular series production
We can series

Batch Chamber Vac Win 801 2/3P

Large industrial systems – custom-made
We can also go big

6 floors
6 Vacuum pumps


2 floors
2 or 3 vacuum pumps

Baking tray: 2,5 m x 2,5 m, (6,250 m²)

Vacuum cooling vs. shock freezing


Less energy consumption


Less floor space usage


Less CO₂ emission


Less waste


Less processing time

Amortization within 2-3 years
High convenience bread, baked goods & food
  • White pre-baked semi-baked goods – keep for up to 10 days, refrigerated at +7°C
  • Ready baked in 4-8 minutes, in any oven.
  • Bread, rolls, baguettes and yeast pastries – white or half-baked in production
  • 50% of the baking time
  • Often baked in the stores days later.
2 or 3 redundant vacuum pumps –
High availability of
Shorter baking times
Interrupted baking method

Energy savings in production


Less CO₂ emissions

Significant energy savings
Simplified logistics
Supply locations only once a day
Reduction in staff costs
High availability of the systems: 99,9%
The management team
Martin Hecht
Martin Hecht
CEO, Marketing, Communication
Member of the Advisory Board
Benjamin Müller
Benjamin Müller
COO, BSc Mechanical Engineering
Martin Schenk
Martin Schenk
CTO, Electrical Engineer HSB Hybrid baking specialist
Hans Hübner
Hans Hübner
Head of Sales D-A-CH Vacuum- & baking technique
Chris Mete
Chris Mete
Technical field service Maintenance and servicing
Marlise Wälti
Marlise Wälti
Key Account, Office management
Member of the Advisory Board